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Langelaar Woodworks is the passion project of Andrew Langelaar. A self-taught woodworker, Andrew first picked up a chisel and handsaw as a means to take a study break during his university years. The rest is history.


These days, Andrew spends most of his time developing new techniques and making improvements to our top selling items. Our premium cedar garden boxes are our most famous item, with the design consistently selling dozens of units and landing us a TV spot on a local morning show at the peak of the pandemic. Between planters and other outdoor goods, coupled with the growing custom furniture side of the business Andrew is busier than ever and can only thank you for your support over the years.


The older brother to Olympian Speedskater Tyson Langelaar, Langelaar Woodworks provides 5% of profits to Tyson as a sponsorship fund. In the future we hope to continue to sponsor Tyson and expand our sponsorship fund to other athletes. See below for more information on our athlete sponsorship program!

Olympian Sponsorship

Olympic athletes rely heavily on sponsorships to fund their day to day life. Tyson Langelaar is no exception. When he isn't studying or perfecting his coffee brewing technique, you can expect to find Tyson either on ice, hunched over a bike, or suffering in the weight room. We are proud to pay a portion of our profits to Tyson, funding the quality nutrition he needs and reducing financially induced stress. We hope that over the years we can grow to single handedly fund his career, and then grow our sponsorship portfolio to other athletes in our close circle of friends.

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